Express web conferencing


ConcallPro is a complete web conferencing platform. You can conduct meetings and e-Learning initiatives without prohibitive costs, the need to schedule in advance, or the use of a special meeting room.

With ConcallPro at your disposal, it matters little how you choose to meet, when or where. Seamless, secure and packed with features, ConcallPro puts you in the head seat at the conference table every single time.

ConCallpro has the power to engage in intuitive cross-device collaborations hosted on any iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and OSX enabled devices. Share multiple video files, the whiteboard for quick notes & diagrammatic representations. You can also remote connect to user desktops to resolve issues with pinpoint precision. The pinnacle of web conferencing technology primed for utility and success put in your hands.
Connect. Now.


  • Self-booking in one-step process
  • No Attendee downloads
  • Two-way audio and video conversation
  • Whiteboard and desktop sharing enabled
  • Host, presenter and participant profiles
  • Interchangeable profiles
  • Flexible/widget based/personalized viewer screen
  • iOs and Android compatibility
  • Cross browser and cross platform enabled


  • Rich multimedia web platform
  • Helps teams to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Ready integration of learning management systems
  • Allows creating and publishing content on the cloud
  • Highly secure and reliable access anytime and anywhere
  • Increase in productivity of the employees without undergoing any training sessions